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DJ KSR is known as one of the best Bhangra DJs bred out of North America, he has become a widely known artist in recent years. DJ KSR finds himself to be a full time wedding and club DJ, with close to 100 bookings annually. DJ KSR has spun his talent in Canada, United States, Mexico, Thailand, Cancun, Australia, India and across Europe. Recognized as Canada’s#1 Bhangra DJ, KSR runs one of the most successful Bhangra podcasts with over 100,000 weekly hits on SoundCloud.




J-Statik has built a reputable name over the eight years that he has been DJ’ing. J-Statik knew from a very young age that music was his passion; he also took a keen interest to the technical aspect of music. Embracing his craze, J-Statik attended the School of Audio Engineering in New York. When he returned home to Canada, he began his career and has assembled an exceptionally strong network in the music industry – not only in Canada, but across the globe. He is a co-member of The Firm and has produced for artists such as Jus Reign, Humble The Poet, Saini Surinder, Kaka Bhaniavaala & Aman Sandhu. Currently, J-Statik has also established a career as an Audio Engineer at Bell Media (CTV) & Rogers Communications (City TV).




With over 13 years of Experience and being a Veteran in the industry, it’s quite simple really, one of the best when it comes to making your wedding both enjoyable and memorable for your guests. With high recommendation, Karam Channa, a.k.a. “DJ Envy”.

Popular in demand all over North America, he’s been all across Canada and the US. DJ Envy has also done events throughout the Caribbean and India.

Drawing from a wide depth of experience in the wedding and entertainment industry, DJ Envy brings a different yet better quality service over the competition. Raising the energy is what he does best. He has the special ability to read a crowd and pick the right music for everybody’s enjoyment. His smooth versatile mixing, extensive library and ability to beat match many genres of music is what motivates his audiences to get up and feel the music.




Maneet Lotay is one of the most sought after DJ’s in Toronto. Since the age of 5 years old Maneet has been jamming his Dhol to Bhangra tunes and playing around with the decks.

The passion started at such an early age, that his musical knowledge and database is at par if not surpassing the likes of many household names in the industry today.

DJEM’s sole mission is to infuse raw folk Punjabi vocals with more upbeat and mainstream music that his generation, older generation, and generations to come can all grasp.

Debut single titled “Mera Laung Gawacha” – vocals by Sasha Core Out Now!!. The track is a remake of the classic we all grew up listening to – giving the listeners and party heads a dance floor banger!




While Spin Singh is a persona for entertainment, there is nothing comic about Parvesh Dhillon’s drive for music and creativity. Born in southern Ontario, Parvesh’s environment has always allowed him to embrace Punjabi culture despite his Western surroundings. Like many other artists, Parvesh’s passion for music was vividly apparent since his childhood. What sets him apart from others, however, is his entrepreneurial spirit, which led him to cofound the well renowned LP Entertainment in his adolescence.

Since then, Parvesh has been a facilitating force behind LP’s success. The company’s prominence just recently enabled it to agree to terms of partnership with the industry-leading Frequency Entertainment. Now, Parvesh Dhillon is using this new platform and the endearing persona of Spin Singh to deliver promising work for the South Asian music scene.




DJ InKredible, a creative and competent DJ that brings over 6 years of experience to the entertainment and wedding industry. Dedication, ambition, and hard work have helped DJ InKredible achieve so much throughout his ever-growing career as one of Toronto’s most sought after Bhangra, Bollywood, and house DJs.

DJ InKredible strives to meet the demands of all crowds and appreciates the individuals who have stood by him and believed in him since his humble beginnings. Look out for DJ InKredible as he plans on producing more music, and plans on making your event inkredibly awesome.




MC J.D. is one of the staples in the South Asian and electronic dance music scene globally.

As an International recording artist he has travelled globally showcasing his art of rhyme. After over 20 years in the scene he has a voice and style that is comparable to none.

JD is no stranger to music – In 2012 he was awarded the Citizens Award for Acclaim in the Arts by the City of Brampton. With the release of a solo album his multi dimensional persona has allowed him to diversify his emcee portfolio.

MC JD is a professional emcee & host for a wide range of events; from upscale fashionable corporate events, to exclusive club nights. JD is also the host and emcee of choice when it comes to weddings, music festivals, concerts and special events.

JD is currently working with Asian Television Network (ATN) as a host for a show entitled Made of Music.



Rahul Singh, aka “The Dhol Guy”, is the dhol geek in the crew. His slogan, ‘my passion, your entertainment’ really speaks to his ability to capture his crowd doing what he does best, play the dhol!

In his 15 years of experience as a dhol percussionist, he educated himself in his art via lessons, expanded his skill set and versatility by performing dhol alongside star singers, drumkits, guitars, trumpets, saxophones, bagpipers, …+, and most recently started teaching.

‘The Dhol Guy’ understands you don’t just want to hire a “dhol player” – you wouldn’t have come to this website or read this far if that was the case. He understands what you really want is an entertainer who knows how to engage his crowd and take the energy of your party to a whole other level.



Moninder Singh aka Moni the dholi: always had a passion for music at a young age and finally was able to buy a Dhol at age 14 with the support of his family and took off with it quickly advancing in skill and learning the ropes of tuning, and repairing of dhols while learning tabla, and dholki in the process to further his knowledge of different timings and rhythm. Moninder is highly sought after due to his unique playing style incorporating both modern UK style, and folk with clean execution and machine gun like rolls. At the end of the night he’s one of the few dholis that brings a new degree of energy and expectation of a Dhol player.




Manvir Hothi a.k.a. SimplyHothi, has been playing Dhol since the young age of 16. With no prior musical experience, his level of success is a great example of what can happen when you combine natural talent with a ton of hard work and determination. Over the years, Manvir has had some high profile performances leading up to joining the Frequency family. Whether it’s playing at bhangra competitions, playing with live bands, accompanying singers, and much more, Manvir is one of the most electrifying dholi’s in today’s industry.


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