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Dhol Freqs

A party is never complete without the sound and thunder of the DHOL. We are proud to say we provide some of the most entertaining DHOL services, for any of your events!

Our Dhol players are not only talented in their skill set, but also know how to read and engage their audience. They understand that guests don’t just want a dhol player, they want Dhol entertainment! That’s why you can expect amazing routines from them like their signature 4-6 synchronized Dhol set to music, Mobile Jago (or bharat) set, Brass and Dhol ensembles, Solo dhol acts, and many more unique performances. Reach out NOW to discuss how our Dholis can entertain your party!

MC Services

We provide professional MC services for all of your events, regardless of the nature or environment. Every event can benefit from a talented host, and you can be rest assured that Frequency Entertainment will not disappoint.

Our MCs are charismatic and know how to read the room. They’ll make sure the guests at any of your events have an amazing time. Each of our team members have big personalities and are extremely easy to work with. They can feel out the vibe of the crowd and make sure that everyone has the most amazing time possible.


Our Robotron is the entertainment of the future! This unique, high-tech robot can dazzle a crowd in any environment, taking your party from average to out of this world.

Robotron blends together an eye-catching costume and state-of-the-art technology, in the perfect mix that can capture every eye in the room. It’s a full entertainment show, complete with features such as smoke cannons, lasers, and different types of lights – including strobe lights and LED lights. It interacts with your audience, dancing with them and taking photos with them for a night that’ll put a permanent smile on their face.

It’s lights, camera, and action all in one, and it’s ready for your next event.

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